Campus Atlántico Tricontinental

Universidad de Las palmas de Gran CanariaUniversidad de La Laguna

Strategic objectives of the aggregations


  • Add ULPGC capabilities and to manage ULL Campus and position as a leader in the Europe-Africa-axis Latin America in the areas of specialization.
  • Strengthen the teaching strategy tricontinental graduate with a teaching model and fully adapted to the EHEA.
  • Tricontinental enhance research networks.
  • Influence business development through innovation and Canary transfer.
  • Generate a flow of talent of the best students, researchers and innovation managers and transfer shaft Islands / Euro-Africa-Latin America.
  • To strengthen development cooperation with Africa and Latin America.
  • Social influence and territorial integration with urban universities.


  • Establish a clearly defined system of governance to combine the capacities of the ULPGC and the ULL, and undertake the actions required to position this system as a leader in the Atlantic for Europe, Africa and Latin America within their specialist topic areas.
  • Consolidate the tricontinental teaching strategy with a postgraduate system between these continents, and strengthen the education model in a format that is fully adapted to the EHEA. This must be accompanied by actions to facilitate entry into the workforce for students of the Campus.
  • Foster research networks between three continents with a Tricontinental Open Science Programme, based on joint projects between Canary Islands Centres (either independently or with Spanish Centres incorporated into European projects) and Centres in Europe, Africa and Latin America.
  • Have an impact on business development in the Canary Islands, through an  Innovation and Transfer Programme with leading companies in the Canary Islands, either from within the Islands or in partnership with Spanish or European countries, with a view to developing tricontinental projects between Europe, Africa and Latin America.
  • Create a flow of the best students, researchers and administrators in innovation and transfer in the area of the Canary Islands-Europe-Africa-Latin America, with special emphasis on repatriating Canary Islands talent from around the world, through a Tricontintenal Talent Capture Programme.
  • Foster development cooperation with Africa and Latin America through interconnections in terms of teaching, science and transfer as mentioned above, in order to consolidate Spanish Leadership in the EU in these areas.
  • Have a social and regional impact through integration of the two universities into their urban environments, as a strategy to heighten the social profile and pave the way for redesigning the heritage, sociocultural and socioeconomic context of the areas of influence of the various campuses of the ULL and the ULPGC. Establish a conceptual model common to the ULL and the ULPGC to optimise planning and architectural aspects by creating a shared style that will establish a shared hallmark of the two universities.