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Tri-Continental Atlantic Campus


The universities of the Canary Islands have joined forces to develop the Tri-Continental Atlantic Campus, a space of excellence that, by 2015, must be an Atlantic Benchmark in Europe as an axis that receives and catalyzes talent in teaching research, innovation and transfer projects with Africa and Latin America in Marine and Maritime Science and Technology, Biomedicine and Astrophysics, under the common denominator of a development model of integral sustainability.

The Campus will be an indispensable element in the development towards the new economic, production and social structure of the Canary Islands. Improved competitiveness is based on a sustainable, global approach that will consolidate key sectors, promote new sectors linked to the fields of specialization of the Campus and help to create employment.

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Global report

Executive summary

The Canary Islands Atlantic Tri-continental Campus will act with particular attention in the areas of specialization that are unique, given the characteristics of the Canary Islands Archipelago and the geostrategic situation closet he Africa and bridge to Latin-America:

These three areas will function under one common denominator: Integral Sustainability. In this sense, teaching and research will be closely linked to sustainability. The integral nature of the concept lies in its relationship with the environment, with the economic development of the Islands and Development Cooperation with Africa and Latin-America, as well as with the urbanistic elements for transforming the campus–some of which are environmental. A global sustainable economy within the framework of the Tri-continental Atlantic Campus means working for the conservation and good use of environmental resources, new personal mobility models (tourism and immigration) and merchandise (Logistics).