Campus Atlántico Tricontinental

Universidad de Las palmas de Gran CanariaUniversidad de La Laguna

SWOT analysis


  • The Campus will be a university of reference in the European Union in terms of teaching, research, innovation and transfer, as a tricontinental bridge linking Europe, Africa and Latin America, especially in its specialist topic areas.
  • A flow of talent between three continents will be created, with the capacity to stand out in both research and the production sector.
  • Open research projects will be led within the tricontinental context, including the consolidation of networks between three continents.
  • There will be a positive impact on the new Canary Islands production model included in the Canary Islands Plan and the Structuring Projects.
  • A contribution will be made to the development of a sustainable global economy.
  • The Canary Islands university system will be socially and regionally integrated, with common objectives.
  • The principles common to the development and adaptation of the two university compuses will be combined: “unity in diversity”.
  • The synergy between the universities and the urban areas where they are located will be greater.
  • The “training” facet will be boosted to pass on values in terms of education, culture, art, the natural world and social cohesion.

 Strengths of the Campus

The region:
  • Geostrategic location of the Canary Islands:
    • Platform for the internationalization of the Spanish R&D&I system and the tertiary education available in the area of influence of the Atlantic
    • Development cooperation.
  • Leadership in the Outermost Regions and Macaronesia.
Canary Islands economic and social model:
  • Canarias está en pleno desarrollo de un nuevo modelo económico y social, en el que el proyecto de Campus tendrá un papel relevante:
    • Plan Canarias
    • Proyectos Estructurantes del Gobierno Canario (a través de la ACIISI)
    • Creation of strategic clusters.
    • Sustainable Economy Bill (Ministry of the Treasury).

Opportunities of the Campus

In a negative forecast, it can be said that if the Canary Islands public universities did not become a Campus of International Excellence, they would miss out on a strategic opportunity that would make them both a reference and a nucleus in their fields of specialization. The Canary Islands Autonomous Community, and by extension Spain and Europe, would miss the opportunity to lead a project that is ideal for improving links with Africa and Latin America in terms of teaching, research, boosting innovation and knowledge transfer. They would also miss out on a vital contribution to the production sector.