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Governance and management



The Canary Islands universities allied in this application will manage the project through the creation of a Foundation that will monitor the development, implementation and execution of the Canary Islands CIE project as the Canary Islands Tricontinental Atlantic Campus, validating the strategies and providing added value to it. The Foundation will incorporate institutions (Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute, Canary Islands Oceanic Platform, Regional Government, R&D&I Agency), organisations and companies that support the project. Through their patronage, the Foundation will define the strategic areas for the process of defining and developing the CEI project with the established time frames. It will also implement the strategic areas, Communication Plan and Internationalisation Plan, and will coordinate the various participants in the project CIE project and manage the budgeting.

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  • Promote tricontinental initiatives (in Europe, Africa and America) in the field of teaching, research and transfer, and in the economic, social and cultural spheres.
  • Manage the programmes and projects associated with the Canary Islands CIE: Tricontinental Atlantic Campus, on the initiative of the Canary Islands universities.
  • Develop capacities to be an expert and efficient tool in deploying public policies and private initiatives for setting up projects associated with science, teaching, innovation and transfer that will assist in economic, social and cultural development in the field of relations between Europe, America and Africa.

Patrons and Members

  • Chaired on an annually rotating basis: one of the Chancellors of the Canary Islands universities. The Chancellor not acting as Chair will be the deputy chair.
    • 3 representatives of the Canary Islands Government
    • 3 representatives of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
    • 3 representatives of the University of La Laguna La Laguna
    • 1 representative of the Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute
    • 1 representative of the Canary Islands Oceanic Platform

The Secretary will be the manager-director of the Foundation, and may participate but not vote.

The decisions of the Patrons will be made by consensus or unanimously.

The Foundation will have a Manager-Director, who will be selected by an international call for applications. This person must have a tertiary qualification and proven ability to carry out the tasks required.

The Foundation will have an International Advisory Council comprising persons with international recognition in the field of teaching, researching and/or transfer.

Ideally, the specialist science area of members will be related to the specialist areas of the Canary Islands CIE. The Council will have seven members. The Chair and Deputy Chair will be the persons who hold these positions on the board of Patrons at the time.

The Foundation will have a General Assembly, which will be the advisory body of the Foundation, which will include a representative from each of the organisations, corporations, entities and individuals or legal entities that support or are associated with the Canary Islands CIE. The function of this assembly will be to act as the advisory and controlling body for the Foundation activities. The activities will be announced in the General Assembly so that it can be determined whether or not they comply with the purposes of the foundation. Similarly, an annual report of the activities undertaken and their management and outcomes will be presented. The projects and economic forecasts for the following year will also be presented for analysis.