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Innovation and knowledge transfer internalization


In the field of Knowledge Transfer, the Programme of Tri-continental Innovation and Knowledge Transfer will serve as a bridge to align across the three continents the knowledge transfer actions carried out by both universities each from its own respective organization.

Economics Seminar VIII Canaria, in the ULPGC 06/01/2012


  • To lead knowledge transfer projects with the philosophy of development cooperation within a tri-continental framework.
  • Leadership of the Canary Island universities in the internationalisation of the campus on a Tri-continental axis.
  • Contribution to the leadership of the Canary Islands in the context of the Outermost Regions of the European Union and of the island chains of Macaronesia concerning their relations with Africa. It is worth pointing out that the ORs are recognised by the European Commission as areas of opportunity for development and competitiveness, geographically and from the point of view of their particular circumstances concerning Africa.
  • Generate a flow of the best students, researchers and managers of innovation and transfer along the Canary Islands-Europe-Africa-Latin America axis, with special attention to the repatriation of the Canary Island talent abroad, through a Tri-Continental Talent Head Hunting Programme.
  • Harness the planning actions of the transformation of the Campus to raise its profile internationally. The functional integrity of the Campus will generate fully realized learning communities with highly attractive environmental surroundings (the Campuses) for foreign university students coming from the three continents.

Innovation and knowledge transfer

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Tri-continental Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Programme

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Tri-continental Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Programme

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