Campus Atlántico Tricontinental

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Scientific improvement


The activities related to scientific improvement are also centred under the concept of the Canary Islands Atlantic Tri-continental Campus. Thus, there is an action based specifically on the idea of the three continents, that serves to catalyze from this perspective R&D+i (innovation) in the areas of thematic specialization of the campus, and possibly In other fields. Moreover, there is a cross-cutting activity related to Integral Sustainability.

ULPGC Engineering Campus


  • To promote tri-continental research networks with a Tri-continental Open Science Programme, based on joint projects between the Canary Islands centres and centres from Europe-Africa-Latin-America.
  • To play a major role in the business development of the Canary Islands, through a Programme of Innovation and Knowledge Transfer with anchor companies in the Canary Islands or in partnership with Spain or Europe, moved by the desire to develop projects with a tri-continental dimension (Europe-Africa-Latin-America).


Scientific improvements

  • Tri-continental activities

Tri-continental Open Science Programme

  • Initiatives in specialist topic areas

Marine and Maritime science and technology


Biomedicine applied to develpment cooperation