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Improved teaching and adaption to the ehes


The initiatives for improved teaching are grouped in accordance with the concept of the Canary Islands Tricontinental Atlantic Campus. This means that there is an initiative based on the tricontinental context, which will help to catalyse teaching activities in the specialist topic areas of the campus, while also including other teaching activities.  There are also generic actions, and actions associated with the European Higher Education Area.

Vargas Llosa


  • Consolidate the tricontinental teaching strategy with a postgraduate system (Masters and Doctorate) between the three continents, and strengthen the education model in a format that is fully adapted to the EHEA. This must be accompanied by actions to facilitate entry into the workforce for students of the Campus.
  • Increase the implementation of innovative Teaching and Learning modalities by adapting the physical context of the campus to this objective.


Improved Teaching

  • Tricontinental Initiatives

ULL-ULPGC International School of Interuniversity Postgraduate Studies

  • Initiatives in specialist topic areas

CC  and Marine and maritime science and technology


Biomedicine at the service of cooperation development

  • Generic initiatives

Adaptation to the ehea