Campus Atlántico Tricontinental

Universidad de Las palmas de Gran CanariaUniversidad de La Laguna



The ultimate mission of the Tricontinental Atlantic Campus is to achieve a level of international excellence with the addition of the two public universities Canary: the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of La Laguna, through the potential for complementarity in their areas of specialization and its geostrategic, bridge between Europe, Africa and Latin America.

   This mission will be a vehicle for:

  • Joint development and management of projects by linking capacities in teaching, research, innovation and transfer through the alliance of the two public universities of the Canary Islands. All of this with have the support of the public administration and community and business organisations, and will include elements of development cooperation in Africa and Latin America, with special emphasis on academic collaboration with African universities.
  • Creation of an international network of talent in the tricontinental context based on developing, attracting and capturing talent, with an emphasis on repatriating Canary Islands talent. This flow of talent will lead to the consolidation of networks and a tricontinental community in the specialist areas of the Campus.
  • Promoting the value of the physical area as an “education” factor in itself, capable of encouraging the integration of the two universities into their respective social and urban environments and creating an ideal framework to help raise the quality of university activities across the board.

This mission will take the form of a series of actions, in line with strategic objectives, which will be integrated into the tricontinental context and the specialist topic areas, in conjunction with generic initiatives that will assist in the adaptation of the Campus.