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Sustainable development model



  • The Canary Islands is in the process of developing a new economic and social model, in which the Tri-continental Atlantic Campus project presented here will play an extremely relevant role. This new model has evolved based on a number of different initiatives in the Canary Islands and enjoys the support of the Spanish Government. This can be seen in the Canary Islands Plan, the Structural Projects of the Canary Islands Government and the creation of strategic Canary Islands clusters including private and public representation and the participation of both universities.

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  • The Integral Strategy for The Canary Islands, Canary Islands Plan, approved by the Cabinet Ministers meeting at the end of 2009, sets out action lines for the islands that demonstrate the need for an International Campus of Excellence to ensure an improved economic, productive and social model for the Canary Islands.
  • The Canary Islands Plan establishes a medium-term aim of changing the production model of the Canary Islands by means of a series of measures that are perfectly aligned with the Tri-continental Atlantic Campus:
    • To strength scientific research in specific fields (volcanoes, the marine environment and astronomy).
    • Development of business tissue through two programmes: the Joint Entrepreneur Programme and the Innobusiness Programme to support innovation and competitiveness in SMEs.
    • Teaching improvements emanating from the Canary Islands Plan, in line with the objectives and actions in this field and actions in this area contained in the Canary Islands Atlantic Tri-continental Campus.
  • The new economic and social development model of the Canary Islands is also closely linked to the Draft Sustainable development Law of the Spanish Ministry of the Economy and its objective of consolidating sustainable growth in three senses: in economic, environmental and social terms. To this end, the Tri-continental Atlantic Campus draws on a number of the sections contemplated in the Law, particularly in those that underline competitiveness and environmental sustainability.
  • The campus transformation includes programmes that increase joint use of equipment, resources and infrastructure between University and City, enabling optimisation of the economic sustainability of investments, use and maintenance of the various common equipment, resources and infrastructure.
  • That said, Integral Sustainability is the common denominator of the Canary Islands Atlantic Tri-continental Campus in the elaboration and carrying out of teaching, scientific, knowledge transfer and transformation actions. In this sense, the tri-continental actions, those of the thematic areas of specialisation (Marine and Maritime Science and Technology), Astrophysics and Biomedicine) and the cross-cutting themes set out here are concentrated on achieving results that will facilitate sustainable development and cooperation with Africa and Latin-America based on that concept, and that fit perfectly into the global model of sustainable development.