Campus Atlántico Tricontinental

Universidad de Las palmas de Gran CanariaUniversidad de La Laguna

Campus transformation



  • One sole model of excellence adapted to the two aggregated Universities – to establish a concept common to the ULL and the ULPGC: the “Didactic Campus”
  • Progressively to transform the campuses of the ULL and the ULPGC into “Didactic Campuses”, capable of housing and transmitting educational and cultural virtues that transcend their role as mere physical containers.

Humanities Campus ULPGC

  • To optimize the urbanistic-architectonic spaces of the ULL and the ULPGC, giving rise to a unified style that will serve to create a sign of identity shared by both Universities and to mitigate the existing geographical separation, as well as to project on an international level a cohesive image to attract students, lecturers and researchers from the three continents.
  • To strengthen the social projection and move towards the re-categorization of the socio-cultural and economic heritage of the tissues in which the different Campuses of the ULL and the ULPGC are located.
  • Convert those areas of highest heritage value into Campus areas (The Old Town of La Laguna and the district of Vegueta in Las Palmas).
  • To convert those areas shared by University and City into places that house innovative formats for teaching and interaction.
  • To enrich the Canary Islands Campuses by introducing innovative modalities of Teaching-Learning, both in outdoor areas and in indoor installations.
  • To bear joint witness (by the ULL and the ULPGC) of “unity in diversity” , which will act as a joint promotion of a common strategy for the international projection of the Tri-continental Atlantic Campus.