Campus Atlántico Tricontinental

Universidad de Las palmas de Gran CanariaUniversidad de La Laguna



The Canary Islands Tricontinental Atlantic Campus will undertake activities in the fields of teaching, research, innovation, transfer and regional planning, so that in 2015 it will be:

Tricontinental Atlantic Campus Vision

  • An essential element for regional development towards the new economic and social structure in the Canary Islands, in the concept of a sustainable, global economy, and as an impetus for opportunities towards Africa and Latin America.
  • The university grounding of the Canary Islands leadership in the Outermost Regions of the European Union (ORs) for competitiveness and progress in education, training and employment in the context of the ORs. This same leadership role will apply to the archipelagos of the Atlantic North that make up Macaronesia.
  • The Atlantic nucleus for knowledge transfer and development cooperation with Africa and Latin America.
  • A strategic alliance, created with a desire for permanence, that will be the backbone of the Canary Islands university system in regional, academic, social and economic terms as a way to generate benefits within a local, national and tricontinental network.
  • A model that will provide an impetus for future cities from a perspective of social creativity and knowledge transfer.